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In 2014 I started making Light Sculptures. I have always been fascinated by the play of light and colors. As a child I remember how fond I was of the lighted bells on the Christmas tree. The colors and lights were so beautiful and I could not stop looking and admiring them. Also Japanese lanterns have also had strong influence upon me. I think this experience has influenced me a lot and has must likely developed into the creation of my Light Sculptures. At first they were white and hanging from the ceiling


In September 2014 in Anarkia in Kopavogur I held my first Exhibition with Light Sculptures: On Bees and Flowers. The Light Sculptures looked like hives of the Bees and reminded us of fertilation and how fragile life is here on earth



With time the shape and color of the Light Sculptures changed. They became more colorful with the play of light and shadows. All this happens because there is a bulb within or behind the Light Sculpture augmenting the brightness and  variety of colors.The Light Sculptures are made from thin paper or/and Japanese Paper and painted with watercolors. Here is my first Light Sculpture made with a shape of a mountain under influence of Ice and Fire

Icelandic Nature are underlying the creation of the art piece and is often playing a big role. The fire of volcanos as well as human fire of love play together in the same art piece making a romantic atmosphere

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