My Art Creation


The main inspiration is from Apples, Tulips, Volcanoes, Glaciers and Waterfalls painted with much water focusing on blending and explosions of vibrant and strong colors. Abstract forms are painted as well.


Oil Painting

Focus on Abstract Forms inspired by Icelandic Nature as well as Volcanic Eruptions and Waterfalls

Light Sculptures

The material is wire and thin paper painted with watercolors. The Electric Light within the Light Sculpture creates a powerful Color Play. Inspiration is from  Icelandic Nature like Mountains, Volcanoes and Glaciers

Mixed Media 

Icelandic Clay from Krísuvík, Ash from Eyjafjallajökull, Ink, Watercolor and Coal are painted on watercolor paper 


Painting with Watercolor has been my passion for years.

I have been experimenting with all kinds of colors, papers, canvases and boards.

I also paint with Oil Colors on aluminum, canvas and timber as well as using Mixed Media with Icelandic Clay and Ash, Ink and Coal.

Flow and blending of colors lead by water or turpentine inspired by the Icelandic Nature plays a big role in my art creation.

Light sculptures are my newest art creation made by Watercolor on Japanese or thin ordinary Paper and Wire. Electric light inside the Sculpture makes a powerful color play. 

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