Christmas is coming

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Last days I have been decorating my house with lights and feeling the Christmas spirit coming. Since we have a limited daylight in Iceland in December I think it is very important to light up our spirit with a lot of lights. This photo … Continued

My last Exhibition

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The exhibition ON Bees and Flowers in Anarkía in September 2014 in Hamraborg 3, KópavogurFrá sýningunni um Býflugurnar og blómin sem haldin var í Anarkíu í september 2014 In the year 2014 I started making the Light Sculptures for the … Continued

My Exhibition Tulips on Fire

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In Café Easy in Engjateigur 6 in Reykjavík there is the exhibition Tulips on Fire. There I work with the concept of red tulips transforming into volcanic eruption and vice versa expressing the opposites in nature and human life. Volcanic expressions against fragility of life itself is … Continued