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Anarkía sýning 1The exhibition ON Bees and Flowers in Anarkía in September 2014 in Hamraborg 3, Kópavogur

Frá sýningunni um Býflugurnar og blómin sem haldin var í Anarkíu í september 2014

vinnustofa 5 wig

In the year 2014 I started making the Light Sculptures for the exhibition: "On Bees and Flowers"

Aðalsteinn Eyþórsson wrote the following article in the paper Reykjavík Grapevine in context with the exhibition "On Bees and Flowers"  in Anarkia in September 2014

ʺ Helga Sigurðardóttir's exhibition features paper-maché sculptures fitted with lights and watercolor paintings that focus on different aspects of fertility and reproduction. The sculptures allude to beehives and the important role of bees for fertility and growth in the natural world – and also for the living conditions of mankind, for it is estimated that the production of up to one third of the food that humans consume is dependent on the pollination of bees. The watercolor works are based on abstractions from tulip flowers - a natural partner in the bees' fertility work – but the tulip-forms have freed themselves from any direct reference to reality and assumed an independent meaning with various formal and symbolic allusions. Plenty of water is used in the painting process, which adds to the flowing of the colors and creates color explosions that in combination with the ambiguous organic forms express love, happiness and anger as well as making reference to life and fertility.″

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